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about ARbit


This site shows orbits of satellite tracked by NORAD. It uses TLE parsed with satellite-js. You can import any TLE or search throuh a list of active satellites retrieved from You can visualize orbits in ECEF or ECI coordinate. Augmented Reality (AR) view from your location is currenlty in beta.

Sun position is estimated from current time and date. Earth tilt "vary" form -23.45° (December 22) to +23.45° (June 21). Today tilt is calculated with this equation.

The scene is made using Three.js. Earth shader is made by Sean O'Neil, ported for use with three.js/WebGL by James Baicoianu.

Milky Way picture source : ESO / S.Brunier.
If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to conctact me on Twitter.

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